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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Goda Masala ( maharashtrian brahmins’ black masala )


Coriander Seeds 200 gm

Kopra ( dried coconut) grated 100 gm

Sesame Seeds 100 gm

Cumin Seeds 25 gm

Shahjeera ( caraway seeds ) 5 gm

Naag kesar 5 gm

Asafoetida 10 gm

Bay Leaves 10 gm

Dagadphool 10 gm

Whole Turmeric ( halkund ) 2-3

Dried Red Chillies 50 gm

Cinnamon Sticks 5 gm

Cloves 5 gm


In a lightly oiled wok, roast each ingredient separately till it releases its aroma. Roasting allows the volatile oils in those masala ingredients to be released, which gives the masala its real flavour. After roasting allow it to cool down a little and then pound into a fine powder. You can also make the powder in a food processor but pounded masala has avery different flavour than the processor one.

If you don’t want to use oil at all, do what I do when I am in a hurry. Add all the masala ingredients in a roasting pan and put it in a hot oven (150 degree C) for about 20-30 minutes. The result is almost the same.

P.S. All those ingredients will be readily available at your nearest Indian grocery store.

If anyone knows what naagkesar is called in English, do let me know.


Kusum Rohra said...

Great thanks for this, I have a collegue in office, everytime I ask her a receipe of what she brings in her lunch box, she tells me to add goda masala to it.

I didn't have a clue as to what it is, and she doesn't know how to make it as she gets it from the market readymade :)

I will now make this and flaunt it to her :D

memaddy said...

nagkeshar = cassia buds, hope it helps

babe with the keyboard said...

hi there! i was searching for goda masala recipe and found it on ur blog!
i'm an indian student in the us of a, trying to make student life a lil more appealing! your blog was very useful!!! i just started scribbling some of my cooking experiences at, ans was wondering if i could list ur blog in the 'blogs i read' section. cheers and keep blogging!